Welcome to The Fire Station Inn

You'll dream the night away in a quaint historic - retired 1922 fire station and be treated to a continental breakfast. You have the whole station to yourselves, so you can browse at all the fire memorabilia, as well as antiques. The 1941 International fire truck lives in the garage. This is a must for active and retired firefighters. The Inn has a full kitchen which allows you to cook your own meals.
The 1922 Fire Station has been entirely renovated, and now offers the atmosphere of a home with a fire station theme in a friendly, relaxed setting. The Fire Station is located in the southern part of Burlington, in a quiet neighborhood . The Station is one of 4 satellite fire stations that are named Hose stations. It’s a richly-designed Colonial Revival-style brick building designed by George Washburn.

The InnKeeper

John Roth is the Innkeeper at The Fire Station Inn. John purchased the fire station from the city of Burlington in 1997 shortly after it was retired as an active fire station. The same year, John returned to Burlington after living most of his adult life in California. His vision was to convert the fire station into a guest home. However, at a firefighters open house, it became clear that the fire station attracted active and retired firefighters. So he wanted to share this unique station with others that have an interest in fire stations. John operates an engineering software company. John's next project is in the rail road field. He has purchased a 1950 Union Pacific caboose that he is converting into a guest home. Associated with the caboose is a 1955 rail road gang car that is on a 375' X 250' set of rails. He has resored the gang car and it is operational around a portion of the oval. The rails need to be layed on the rest of the oval.

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