2004 Project
1950 Railroad Caboose

December 2003 Found Caboose in Fairfield, Iowa

May 7, 2004 Ready for the big lift

50 ton crane being rigged to lift

The Caboose cab weighs 42,000 pounds
The cab just sets on the wheels without any locking bolts.

Ready to place on drop-deck truck

Wheels show simple connection of caboose.
Each set of wheels weighs 8,000 pounds

Locking pin shown at bottom of caboose
that drops into wheels

Steps were damaged prior to our purchase

Locking pin is 1.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches long.
Wheels being placed on second truck

Ready to roll. Height of caboose was 18 feet 4 inches.
A standard semi box trailer is 13 feet 6 inches so
special moving permit and pilot vehicle were required
After lots of power line, telephone cables, overpass problems
arriving at site.

Crane ready for the lift. Was short of labor so did not
get pictures of lift
All done and going home

The new home.
Now the work begins. Caboose will be painted red and the Burlington Route logo will be placed on outside.
This caboose was built by Union Pacific.

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